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The Evidence

As healthcare professionals ourselves, we understand the importance of quality scientific research. We are committed to ensuring EVA meets the highest standards of academic and clinical merit. 

Research Trajectory

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Concept Development

EVA's modest first prototype was built in our founders' apartment. We tested our  fall prevention algorithms on family and friends in our own bedrooms. 


Feasibility Study

EVA's first prototype was tested to determine accuracy and identify areas for improvement. A study was conducted using 24 healthy volunteers in a simulated clinical setting at the University of Virginia School of Nursing.

UVA IRB-HSR: 15778 

Market Research

The three main stakeholders for EVA technologies are: (1) patients and families, (2) nurses and caregivers, (3) healthcare administration personnel. Our team interviewed dozens of these stakeholders to understand their specific needs. 


Algorithm Development

Using data gathered from our Feasibility Study, further research and development was done to maximize EVA's accuracy and ensure reliability in a clinical setting.

Pilot Trials

EVA will be put to the test in pilot trials at participating facilities. Contact us to try out EVA in your facility! 

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