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  • Samantha Bonde

Vuetech Joins NSF I-Corps Fall 2020 Cohort

Samantha Bonde


Vuetech is excited to announce our acceptance into the NSF I-Corps Fall 2020 Cohort at the University of Virginia site! Building on the entrepreneurial strengths within the University and surrounding communities, this program helps fund customer-acquisition research, and teaches the lean startup methodology to help companies complete effective and insightful customer discovery interviews.

We look forward to using the NSF I-Corps education and resources to take a deeper dive into the specific needs of our end-users through robust focus groups: including sessions with patients, providers, and healthcare administrators. Ultimately, we hope to create a product that is receptive to stakeholders at every level of the healthcare continuum. As a member of this program, we also have access to $2,700 in grant funding for customer discovery.

We are excited to see where this program takes us as we work toward building a safer tomorrow! Check out UVA’s NSF I-Corps site below for more information!

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