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  • Samantha Bonde

UVA Today Features Vuetech and CEO Jefferson Griscavage

Samantha Bonde

September 22, 2020

UVA Today published an article, “These Students May Have Found A $70 Billion Health Care Solution,” featuring Vuetech! Our CEO, Jefferson Griscavage, explains how Vuetech was started and what EVA can do for the healthcare industry. He answers questions about the future of Vuetech and addresses EVA’s ability to revolutionize healthcare beyond elderly patient care.

Our mentor, Dr. Kathryn Reid, is also interviewed for the article, as she discusses her experience with the Vuetech team. She also explains insights about the uniqueness of our product, specifically “EVA’s closed-loop system – which makes hacking and retrieving images impossible...” and voices her excitement for the energy our team is bringing through cross-collaboration of fields.

Give it a read to find out how much we have grown since the Hackathon in November 2019, and how much more we plan to grow in the coming years.

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