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  • Maddie Prieur

Data collection completed for Vuetech’s simulated falls study

Vuetech’s research team hit a huge milestone to end 2020 by finalizing data collection for the ‘falls component’ of our simulation research study! This marks the culmination of several months of testing at the University of Virginia School of Nursing Simulation Center. We want to extend special thanks to our Principal Investigator, Dr. Kathryn Reid, for overseeing the study, and undergraduate researchers Nadim Barkat and Lara Jabbour for their diligence in conducting study protocol.

For this portion of our study, 27 healthy subjects performed simulated falls and high fall-risk scenarios for analysis by our product, EVA (Emergency Video Alerts). We will now begin data analysis to quantify our software’s sensitivity and specificity, as well as to find areas for optimization. Be on the lookout for the results of this study soon!

Vuetech’s research team is now set to begin the ‘pressure ulcer prevention component’ of our simulation research study, and is preparing to launch EVA in our first pilot clinical trial in 2021.

Vuetech is on its way to building a safer tomorrow!

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