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Meet EVA

Emergency Video Alerts (EVA) is the intersection of patient-centered medicine and cutting-edge computer engineering. EVA is a monitoring system that helps nurses prevent unwitnessed falls. A game changer in patient safety.



Improving patient safety with AI


EVA's origins

EVA was born out of the 2019 Caring for the Caregiver Hackathon, sponsored by the Lindsay Institute For Innovations in Caregiving. During this event, we created EVA as a tool to help caregivers take better care of their loved ones. Since that time, EVA has become our passion, and we now see EVA's potential to modernize healthcare and revolutionize patient safety for the elderly and those with disabilities.

EVA improves patient safety

while protecting privacy

Artificial intelligence analyzes video feed of patient's room 24/7 

Caregivers are notified of high-risk situations so they can prevent adverse events from happening

Video feed is never saved or seen by anyone, protecting patient privacy in sensitive medical environments

The EVA Advantage


Protecting patients at a time when they are most vulnerable

Helping overworked health workers provide high-quality care to their patients

Ensuring continuity of care even during in hectic clinical environments or transitions of care

Giving family peace of mind that their loved one is always being monitored and is safe

Home Nurse Examining Patient
Dianne Ferebee

Dianne Ferebee, Caregiving Advocate

My husband, with his Vascular Dementia was fearful of being alone and falling. This technology from this wonderful team... would help us caregivers to feel comfort and peace, even if we were not able to watch their every movement.

Allison Wallingford

Allison Wallingford, MD, MSE

Many of our inpatient rehab patients are at high risk for falls, yet this dangerous event seems inevitable because of the inadequate coverage of bed alarms and supervision. EVA presents an innovative way to bring computer vision technology to a high priority gap in healthcare.

Kathleen Orrick

Kathleen Orrick, RN

As a nurse on a busy service, we could use all the help we can get. Having a device, like EVA, to monitor my patients while I'm away would really help me take better care of my patients and give me peace of mind knowing they're safe.

Thoughts from the front line

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